How does someone talk about who and what they are without it unintentionally blowing up into a self-love fest / Thesaurus porn?

well, here goes ....

Born in Brooklyn, Raised in SHAOLIN (Staten Island, for the uninitiated) Lived in the Bronx, Queens, Worked in Manhattan most of my life.

Moved to North Carolina for a spell, then back to New York. And now, I live in ENGLAND! 

Fell in love with a girl who changed my life. 


How I got into this was my father, whom, of course, I was named after (Standard baby naming practice among us ginzos) one day brought home a FIRESTORM comic, a SUPERFRIENDS coloring book as well as a few small pads of paper when I was four.

Started copying the drawings in the comics, colored not only in the lines of the coloring book but also added shading and highlights. Right around then, I started making flipbooks of a mouse eating a lit firecracker and then exploding to the moon.   yep....I grew up normal. :P

Self-Taught...since my parents did not think of me drawing as anything productive. Im actually happy for that because it made me appreciate art more. and it cleared my vision as to what i wanted to do. Because if you don't pursue what you love, then you don't really love it.

Next thing I know, I intern at MARVEL Comics in the X-MEN office.   what the hell, man!!!
Two months and three portfolios later, I got a job at MARVEL as a member of the Art Corrections Department. Or, affectionately known as "ROMITA'S RAIDERS".

It was then that I had met my mentor/second father, THE IMMORTAL KEITH WILLIAMS!!! who has most likely forgot about more things about being a professional artist than I could ever possibly know. Without him, I wouldn't have done anything close to what I have accomplished.

Worked for MARVEL for ten years as an artist on just about every single title you can think of...
Worked for DC comics for two years...
Hit the independent circuit in 2013 and have been the penciller/inker on every page you see in my gallery ever since.
Meet people of like mind whom I adore...for the most part.
And gave me the tools to be....maybe not where I want to be now, because I would like to think we strive for more in our everyday lives, but how to get there.

Isn't that part of the journey anyway?


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